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"A new school uniform"

Translation:Gwisg ysgol newydd

June 8, 2016


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It appears that 'Dillad ysgol newydd' remains incorrect as far as Duo is concerned.


gwisg is better for 'uniform' in that context.


What's the difference?

  • gwisg - a uniform
  • dillad - clothing, clothes


I admit I am still confused why we were taught dillad ysgol at 1st for school uniform, but now told gwisg ysgol instead. Why is the change?


I think gwisg ysgol refers to school uniform and dillad ysgol refers to school clothes


This is what I'm finding confusing. I originally tried " Ysgol gwisg newydd" which would be wrong wouldn't it? Why is the correct sentence literally backwards in the translation "Uniform school new"


The word order in Welsh is not the same as English. In most cases, the adjective follows the noun.

Here, ysgol (school) is being used as an adjective to describe gwisg (uniform):

  • gwisg ysgol - a school uniform

The adjective newydd (new) follows all other adjectives except arall (other, another):

  • gwisg ysgol newydd - a new school uniform
  • gwisg ysgol newydd arall - another new school uniform


would the use of the word "gwisg" in this sense mean that the real term for school uniform is school-wear? Well, that is the way that I will remember it at least.

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