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  5. "Widziałeś to?"

"Widziałeś to?"

Translation:Have you seen this?

June 9, 2016



Would the Polish for "have you seen...?" be different to "Did you see...?"


Isn't widzieć an imperfective verb? (source: Wiktionary)


It is, but it suits the Polish sentence a lot better, no matter whether "this" is a two-hour movie, or a UFO that appeared just for a second.


Ah, but would the perfective verb go well in this sentence, all the same? (Unless Polish speakers prefer to use widzieć as default)


Somehow I think that would work only if you were 'supposed' to see this, expected to do it. It's hard to explain, but I'd say that 'zobaczyć' (the perfective equivalent) focuses mostly on the moment when you start seeing something, and it often denotes seeing something for a short time.

A quick example: Widziałem ducha (I've seen a ghost) vs Zobaczyłem ducha (I saw a ghost).

But this is more complicated, and I guess you should just observe the usage of these words, and perhaps it may be in fact easier to treat 'widzieć' as the default.


How would you say "you saw it?"


I guess also "Widziałeś to?". Added now.

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