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freezed audio recording

sometimes, when having to repeat or translate something by voice, DL records what I say, lets me hear the recording but just does nothing with it. I mean, it doesn't tell me whether I'm right or wrong, doesn't let me go on to the next question, nothing. All I can do is either to click "I don't want to use the microphone", so that I get a free one and go to the next task, or start everything all over. It's really annoying, because I then have to go every time back to my settings and re-activate the microphone. I suppose the problem might be that for some reason DL was unable to get "something" (a comparison sound, a piece of code, whatever) from the server and just keeps waiting for it, but the connection dropped. There should be a 'reload this task' button for audio recordings, or at least a 'skip' button that doesn't change settings.

January 28, 2014


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