"Their carrots"

Translation:Eu moron nhw

June 9, 2016



Why is 'his biro' 'ei feiro e' but 'their carrots' only 'eu moron'?

June 9, 2016


It can be "Eu moron nhw". Welsh uses a system of possessive pronouns that can either appear as just a word before the thing being possessed i.e "Fy meiro", "Dy feiro", "Ei feiro", "Ei beiro", "Eich beiro", "Ein beiro" and "Eu beiro". Now you can add the pronoun after which is mostly done for emphasis, "Fy meiro i", "Dy feiro di", "Ei feiro fo", "Ei beiro hi", "Eich beiro chi", "Ein beiro ni" and "Eu beiro nhw". Now as I'm sure you noticed whilst you were reading the examples you will have noticed that "Ei" can mean "his" or "her" so to make it more clear we are more likely to used the system with "Ei _ fo" / "Ei ___ hi" with these pronouns to prevent confusion, which is why the course will probably introduce the pronouns in this way.

June 9, 2016


I was going to ask a similar question... Their sweets was shown as "eu losin", but saying "eu moron" for their carrots came up as incorrect. You had to use the nhw. Is this just an error in the answer on Duolingo?

August 31, 2018


No, as explained in the course notes the final i, di, e/o, etc is usually optional.

August 31, 2018
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