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  5. "Piję szklankę wody."

"Piję szklankę wody."

Translation:I am drinking a glass of water.

June 9, 2016



so literally a waters glass. comparing to romanic languages where for example in spanish you would say un vaso DE agua, polish eliminates the prepostition with the genitive case right?


Right. It's good to always imagine this "of" (even if it's not literally there in the English sentence sometimes) which causes Genitive.


I suddenly realised that in German, we do the same “mistake” at least from a semantic perspective (Ich trinke ein Glas Wasser -- I drink a glass' water). Only now that I was asked to translate it into Polish did I realise what a gibberish I say when translating it literally.


So in the sentence, "On potrzebuje szklanki wody" the ending of szklank is different because potrzebuje puts it in genitive, right? Thanks for the help!


Yes, exactly :)


exactly speaking I do not drink a glass but drink water, but szklanka takes biernik case?


It would be different if it was a glass made of water?


„wodna szklanka ” or „szklanka z wody” or „szklanka zrobiona/utworzona z wody”

Compare: plastikowy kubek vs kubek plastiku.

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