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  5. "Macie podpis szefa?"

"Macie podpis szefa?"

Translation:Do you have the boss's signature?

June 9, 2016



Rather boss'


Why? I was taught that it works your way only in plural...


I was taught that plural is bosses and singular is boss. So, when I have to do the saxon genitive on words that end with "s" (like bosses, boss, cactus, Philippines) I do not have to add an extra 's, but just the ' and omit the s (in order to avoid so many s).


Well, there's this to prove the Duolingo version, although I have to say that yes, there is one mention of ""National Boss' Day" there. But then googling it either gives results with 'Boss's' anyway, or 'Boss' without an apostrophe...


Hi! maybe both responses could be accepted:



By the way, I have noticed that when doing Polish in Duolingo with the mobile phone, there are no speaking-recording exercises as in other languages. It would be nice to have such exercises. I also realized that in other languages the fluency level is indicated from time to time (e.g. you have reached 15% fluency in bla bla bla). Maybe you can do something about that. Best regards.


Okay, it's gonna be accepted now.

The speaking-recorded exercises thing is something that only Duolingo staff, not the course creators, can implement. We hope it will be activated soon, but hope is about everything we can do.

The fluency thing is usually rather something that most people complain about and say it doesn't make any sense. Also that's just something that is only present in the courses made by Duolingo and not volunteers.


Would "Do you have your boss' signature?" be a reasonable interpretation? For instance when talking about "grandma" the "my" or "your" is implied (jestem u babci), does it also happen with "boss"?


True, that makes a lot of sense here. Added now.

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