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"This is a very tasty sandwich."

Translation:Це дуже смачний бутерброд.

June 9, 2016



I cannot find anywhere where канапка is defined as a "sandwich" Please direct me to the proper definition

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Am I correct to assume that канапка is used in the regions close the the Polish border? The Poles have the same word - kanapka.


A lot of Ukrainian is derived from Polish and Western Slavic. Ukrainians and Belarusians spent centuries under Polish dominion


Neither can I. But I found сендвіч.

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    Сендвіч is not the same thing. Сендвіч (or сандвіч) has bread on two sides, while кана́пка or бутербро́д is an 'open sandwich', a sandwich having bread only on one side. In Ukraine, open sandwiches are the usual type of sanwich, and two-sided sandwiches are rare.

    Most dictionaries don't seem to have «кана́пка». In fact, it is found in some word lists showing distinctly Western Ukrainian / Lviv language:

    Looks like the course contributors used a word from their dialect instead of the standard Ukrainian «бутербро́д». I think this sentence should be replaced with «Це ду́же смачни́й бутербро́д», since this is the standard Ukrainian word for open sandwich.

    (I'm relying on the dictionaries because I, myself, use the word кана́пка. However, I have Western Ukrainian background.)


    Western Ukrainian just seems to be much more similar to Polish. In the given list of words typical for Lviv there are many that are used on a daily basis in Poland. "Kanapka" is one of them :)


    Why is the only option to choose "смачна канапка"? This was not in the lessons. When i go back for reviews or refresher and they add things I've never seen before, it's confusing.


    It's бутерброд in Russian too, from the German "butter bread."

    In Polish, it's smaczna kanapka


    Could you also say "Цей бутерброд -- дуже смачний" ?


    Yes but I don't know if that is an allowed translation


    Strictly speaking "Цей бутерброд дуже смачний" would be "This sandwich is very tasty." Same meaning, but the sentences are grammatically different.


    Ok ... i had entered 'бутерброд' which was marked wrong ... And was told that 'канапка' was the correct word (?


    Канапка this is polish


    Does "Цей" only ever mean "This" and never "This is"?


    This is = це.

    Цей masculine, це neuter, ця feminine, ці plural


    Please, make a voice for "канапка"

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