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Where are the new discussion sections for new languages?

When I look to the right, I see the old languages taught by Duo, but I would like to hop into the English for Dutch discussions to give some help. How do I get there?

How does anyone get to the other specific language discussion sections?

January 28, 2014



https://www.duolingo.com/topic/838 That's the English for Dutch speakers forum!


Superb. Have a few lingots :D


Hey! You have to go into your settings and select 'learning language'. You'll see a drop down and be able to select new languages. Since they have a different UI language you need to enter this way. You'll see there is a discussion section for that language direction once you select the one you'd like to see in your settings.


That seems like a lot of clicks for every time I want to go to the Dutch discussions. Besides I don't want to partake in the learning, I just want to help out in the discussions. Therefore I also don't need a new UI language.

Isn't there a direct link to the Dutch discussions or something?

edit: Can't help but point to this thread as well: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1475856


Hi, ever since the Duolingo website update I do not know where the word list is located. Would anyone be able to help me find the word list?


The word list is gone. Luis has promised that a new list (new style i guess) will be back in due time.


Is there any idea on a time frame for the new list?

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