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Memorization approach???

Since English is my first and only language, I have noticed that when I am reading Vietnamese words I naturally focus on the letters and tend to kind of ignore the tone markings This is not really a choice, my mind sort of does it automatically. I was thinking that it was not a big deal and what would happen is eventually I would have a collection of I guess kind of 'homophones' and I would be able to dig into memorizing the tones later on. So like right now I would see "ma, mà, mả, mã, má, and mạ" all as pretty much being the same or like homophones and that later on I will focus on trying to really memorize the difference in them from where the tones are. I mean I do have some tones memorized but it has not been as much of a priority as the actual letters have. I guess one positive of this method is that while reading, I may be able to use context clues to figure out which "ma" (mà, mả, mã, má...) is the correct one. I'm wondering if this is a really bad approach and if I should really just try and slow down and dig in to learn the correct tones now. Thanks!

June 9, 2016


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