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"Moja żona lubi kupować ubrania, ale ja tego nienawidzę."

Translation:My wife likes to buy clothes, but I hate that.

June 9, 2016



Does this gentleman hate the fact that his wife buys clothes, or does he hate buying clothes for himself?


Hah. Good question. I think most probably the latter, but I wouldn't exclude the first interpretation.


I guess what he hates most is going shopping with his wife :D


English is not my native language I don´t know why "it" instead of "that" is wrong?


it, this, that – they're all correct and should be accepted.


And they all are.


I hate this sentence.


I wish we could one day see all these sexist stereotypes as old-fashioned... Funny that they don't show up in the German course, though


"Stereotype? I'm lookin' nothing like no Jaeger..."


Yeeaaah:)) 'Cause in our family, for example, actually, it's the opposite of this statement:) I think my hubby is mooore stylish and shopping-loving person than i:) But the stereotypes hold up the sky, we should take it easy, let them be:)


Isn't "this" more correct rather than "that."


Wouldn't it be correct to say ".....but I can't stand it" instead of "...but I hate that."?


Close in meaning, but I think not enough - after all, hatred is a very, very strong emotion! I would say "nie mogę tego znieść" for "I can't stand it", if we were shopping right now, or "nie znoszę tego" more generally.


Alright, makes sense. Thank you!


Why is "ja" necessary? Doesn't "nienawidzę" show that it is 1st person singular?


It does, but the subject suddenly changes in the middle of the sentence, so you actually do need to put it explicitly here.


OK, thank you.


Why is "...but I hate it" wrong? For "I hate that" shouldn't it be "tamtego?"


The difference between tego and tamtego is "this" vs. "that"; neither normally means "it". But I think "it" is what you would say in English for this sentence.


'Tamtego' cannot stand alone, it only works in front of a noun. 'It' should be accepted anyway.


Could this translate to "....likes to go shopping for clothes"? I know "buying clothes" is the more literal translation but just curious.


Well, I think that those two are rather equivalent in English, so I'd say yes.


This sentence was already completed!!!


On the app, sometimes a long sentence is already created from the tiles because the app doesn't have enough space to fit everything that is needed. That's just the design, and there's nothing we can do about it.


kupowaC because this is ongoing?? would lubi kupiC mean anything?


"kupować" is the imperfective verb, so it's either used for the 'process of buying', or for 'buying something on multiple occasion'.

"kupić" is the perfective verb, so 'to buy something succesfully, on a specific occasion'.

For example "Jadę do sklepu kupić ubrania" would be "I am going to the store to buy clothes" (I'll 'succesfully' buy them and they will be bought).


Why 'tego' not 'to', this part of the sentence is not negative or does NIEnawidzę count as negative?


In Russian: Moja żena liubit pokupat' odieżdu (different word), no ja eto nienawiżu.


From одежда you have "odzież", but that's a mass noun that is not so common. However, a clothing shop would be "sklep odzieżowy".


story of my life


All these sentences with " my wife " following a very sexist cliché are actually really offensive. I'm surprised that the women who follow this course aren't reacting to this, I am shocked every couple of lessons.. Couldn't someone replace half of them with " my husband " and turn the cliché around ? or an action that some other women could identify with, like, i don't know, doing sport or driving a truck or building walls ? or be the boss and have a male secretary ?


As a woman I really don't find this or other similar example sentences the least bit offensive. This particular one even made me laugh, because I absolutely hate buying clothes.

Honestly, getting offended over something as minor as this is rather silly.


I'm a girl and I don't find it offensive at all. we still hear jokes out of such situations on Stand Up and other comedy shows. c'mon, it's real life situations whether you like it or not. I feel how my man hates shopping and I'm really sorry for him in such situations and try to leave shop as quickly as possible (to be true, I don't enjoy offline shopping either)


Considering the number of gender bending sentences where a male voice speaks with feminine grammatical gender and vice versa, and the sentences where a man talks about his boyfriend, I think we can give Duo a pass on a statement that, truth be told, we may end up hearing or saying ourselves.


Or you could just stop repeating anti truth and anti male propaganda and accept real life. My guess is, that in 99% of heterosexual relationships, the sentence above is absolutely correct.


Are you saying that the statement "men can like shopping for clothes" is anti-male propaganda? What?


If you want something about male propaganda....make a sentence about buying a car or car accessoires....and women hate that.

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