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"Người Mỹ nhập khẩu trái cây từ Việt Nam."

Translation:Americans import fruit from Vietnam.

June 10, 2016



Why must "nguoi My" be plural?


It refers to American people as a whole. Do you think this sentence should be addressed as "singular" American?


I guess the translation makes sense with the plural, if Americans as a whole is a possible meaning. Since it looks like a singular, I put "The American," which it sounds like might also be possible.


In Vietnamese, when referring to something on "macro-level", it always addresses a certain group as a whole. So yes, in this case it indicates "Americans".


While it is not something we do in English any more, one did hear something like this in the nineteenth century. In old books, one might see statements like "The Turk is a tricky fellow" referring to the nature of all Turks in general. It has a real nineteenth century colonialist feel in English.


Yes, very reminiscent of old British propaganda about 'the Hun'.


With no context, surely this sentence could be referring to a single American importing fruit. Interesting to know that it can be applied generally though. Does it apply to other sentences? 'Quả táo ngon' could mean 'The apple is delicious?' or 'Apples are delicious'?


Why no fruits? If Americans import both mango and dragonfruit, fruits is the form to use. At least in the way I understand it. Can someone clarify, please?


Fruit should be plural


Why not "America imports fruit from Vietnam"


Because người = person


The context is not clear whether it's one american or americans in general. Both should be accepted.

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