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new duolingo setup not coming up?

Me and my friend use Duolingo on the same computer (friend is Zadia1). when she logs in, the new page comes up, but when i log in, i get the old one. same computer, so, what's the problem?

January 28, 2014



We are slowly rolling out the new look to everyone. 1-2 weeks, and you'll both be in the same view.


I opened duolingo on IE8 and it changed interface from new to old style. How can I switch it back - to new interface?


I have the same problem here, even on different PC and under chrome I get the old look after this swtich on IE8


maybe it's a glitch?


I was on the new duolingo screen for a few weeks, but yesterday when I logged on it went back to the old screen. Is there a problem?

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