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  5. "Your dog is really friendly."

"Your dog is really friendly."

Translation:Con chó của bạn thật thân thiện.

June 10, 2016



Why is rất wrong here?


These lessons seem to be trying to say that "really friendly" and "very friendly" are different. I disagree.

Now, if the sentence were more like "your dog really is friendly" then it would have a meaning more like "actually" and imply that I doubted he was friendly but have just discovered I was wrong. As written though, it's just being used as emphasis and is the same as "very". Rất really should be accepted.


I think you're absolutely right.


It is rất simple: DL only wants us to make a difference between rất=very, so and thật/thực sự =really, truly

So, please, make DL happy, ư?


It's not problem with Vietnamese. It's your English :/

  • so: rất

  • really: thực, thực sự, thật, thật sự


As a native English speaker, they mean the same thing (in English)


Russian roulette with the answers here. Used thân thiện the first time. Got marked wrong and correct answer was tiên lời. Used tiên lời the second time and marked wrong as the correct answer was thân thiện


This definitely keeps us agile in mind! (seriously, if so, I would report it)


What does "thật" mean?

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