"Your dog is really friendly."

Translation:Con chó của bạn thật thân thiện.

2 years ago



Why is rất wrong here?

1 year ago


These lessons seem to be trying to say that "really friendly" and "very friendly" are different. I disagree.

Now, if the sentence were more like "your dog really is friendly" then it would have a meaning more like "actually" and imply that I doubted he was friendly but have just discovered I was wrong. As written though, it's just being used as emphasis and is the same as "very". Rất really should be accepted.

1 year ago


It's not problem with Vietnamese. It's your English :/

  • so: rất

  • really: thực, thực sự, thật, thật sự

1 year ago

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As a native English speaker, they mean the same thing (in English)

1 year ago
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