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  5. "Pracuję w parlamencie."

"Pracuję w parlamencie."

Translation:I work in the parliament.

June 10, 2016



Does this mean in the building, so "I" could be a janitor or a cleaner, or specifically as a parliamentarian?


Yeah, technically you could be a janitor.


"I work in parliament" should have been accepted -- in fact, I could swear it had been earlier today... I submitted it as "My answer should have been accepted" so you can see it


I see your comment (well, a comment from 12 hours ago, it has to be yours) and somehow it says just "i work in"...


Hmmm, apparently I must have hit "Check" so quickly that the Duolingo app grabbed what was typed before my phone had finished inserting the text as I was swiping. I should be more patient before hitting "Check", LOL.

I entered the exact same answer when the question was presented to me the second time, only I waited just a bit longer before hitting "Check", and it was accepted.

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