"Pracuję w parlamencie."

Translation:I work in the parliament.

June 10, 2016

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Does this mean in the building, so "I" could be a janitor or a cleaner, or specifically as a parliamentarian?


Yeah, technically you could be a janitor.


"I work in parliament" should have been accepted -- in fact, I could swear it had been earlier today... I submitted it as "My answer should have been accepted" so you can see it


I see your comment (well, a comment from 12 hours ago, it has to be yours) and somehow it says just "i work in"...


Hmmm, apparently I must have hit "Check" so quickly that the Duolingo app grabbed what was typed before my phone had finished inserting the text as I was swiping. I should be more patient before hitting "Check", LOL.

I entered the exact same answer when the question was presented to me the second time, only I waited just a bit longer before hitting "Check", and it was accepted.


So I assumed this was "pracuje" [he/she works] rather than "pracuję". The two are phonetically exactly the same (unless you want to be hyper correct and pronounce the nasal ę, which almost no one does now): how are we supposed to know what you were thinking?


Here you just have one sentence on its own, but in real life, most likely the context will make it perfectly obvious.

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