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  5. "An has an umbrella."

"An has an umbrella."

Translation:An có một cái ô.

June 10, 2016


[deactivated user]

    This is really confusing. I speak both Vietnamese and English ̣(grown up using both alternatively) and I would say that "I have an umbrella" and not "I have one umbrella". So I put in "An có cái dù". I don't know too much about Northern vietnamese since I was taught in the southern dialect. So why can't they accept southern spelling?


    One, a, an is một when you translate to Vietnamese. You do not một so it does not true.


    Is An the name of the person? Seems odd to me. I'm not used to two letter names xD


    Yes, it's a proper name. It means peaceful, from 安 (am I right?) in Chinese.


    Yep, peaceful


    What (if anything) is chiếc ô (which I got in the wrong answers here)?

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    first time hearing that umbrella is cai o and not cai du


    Maybe it's different bc of the Northern and Southern dialect??? Or maybe it's just a preference? Idek


    một cái ô mới đúng an la một tại sao lại có hai cái một pleasea tell me why


    Can someone please tell me if this app is all in Northern or Southern Vietnamese?? I live in the north so ideally want to be learning the northern dialect. Thanks!


    northern dialect, it doesn't accept southern answers option


    Weirdly, I tapped the wrong last word to translate this, and it just told me I had a misspelling but was correct. I selected 'dì' instead of 'ô', not even close!


    Cause in south vietnamese, umbrella is "dù", which is close to "dì".


    In Vietnam when you say someone "has the umbrella", it means that they "have some protection". (Speaking language)

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