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Suggestion: Recurring assignments

I think the assignment feature is great but I think it could use one little tweak. I use duolingo mostly as a self-study tool to monitor how much practice my students are putting in. As there ability can be quite mixed I don't tend to assign skills but rather just want them to practice in general so I just assign weekly targets. The only problem is its a pain (though not a huge one) to reassign the same target week after week.

Would it be possible to provide an option where the assigned target is renewed each week (or even every one or two days as I'd prefer to discourage binging once a week) until a set period of time or a set date has passed? That would save me a fair amount of time as I'm looking to have 10 to 20 classes running simultaneously in the coming year.

An alternative or addition option might be to be able to assign a lesson to all classes at once or select a group of them to receive the same assignment.

June 10, 2016



Thanks for the suggestion, ChrisKing! I'll pass it along to the team. :]


I would like this option as well. I would also like to suggest the assignments being locked until the previous assignment has passed so that students don't binge and do everything all at once for an entire quarter, semester, year, etc.


I like this suggestion. Could we also please have an option for an XP assignment that is somewhere between 200XP and 1000XP? Something like 500XP would be nice, or the ability to set our own.

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