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  5. "I will only have a kilogram."

"I will only have a kilogram."

Translation:Dim ond cilogram ca i.

June 10, 2016



I translated this 'ga i dim ond cilogram' but it was marked as wrong - is this word order not possible in this context?


This sentence has in fact been deleted from the course database, but is still waiting to be removed from the system.

The constructions needed here are all a bit unfamiliar, which is perhaps why it was culled during the current beta testing.

To simplify things, just change approach completely:

  • Ga i flawd, plîs? Dim ond cilo. - May I have some flour, please? Just a kilo.

(For the terminally curious, read on...)

Otherwise, two of several potential options might be:

  • Ga i ond cilo, plîs? - May I have just a kilo, please? or
  • Bydda i'n cael ond cilo, os gwelwch yn dda. - I'll have just a kilo, please.

Duo's deleted sentence would need a correction, too, I think:

  • Dim ond cilo ga i, plîs - (the mutation here is required because of the particular construction being used, which I don't think is covered in this course)


Many thanks - very clear

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