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"He lives over in the West now."

Translation:Mae o'n byw draw yn y Gorllewin erbyn hyn.

June 10, 2016



So is 'erbyn hyn' a synonym of 'nawr' ?


Yes, pretty much.

nawr, rŵan both come from similar older expressions meaning 'right now' ('at/in this hour'), whereas erbyn hyn came with a sense of 'now, and for a while up until now'. Really, though, people use them more or less interchangeably.


Very helpful, thanks. I did originally think it meant 'by now' given the presence of 'erbyn' , which I took to mean 'by' (as in that old chestnut which crops up frequently 'Fydd e ddim nôl erbyn wyth o'r gloch') but your explanation now makes sense of the sentence .

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