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where are the idioms and certificates ?

I've just bought an "Idioms" lesson, and also a "certificate". I decided to postpone the certificate till I had 20 mins to spend on it. However, I can't find either of them - where on earth do I go, as the lingot store bit is now greyed out, but with no indication of how to proceed . Help !!

January 28, 2014



You'll see the idioms lesson in your skill tree. When you buy a certificate test it starts right after you get the exam and can take up to 20 minutes. You can't pause the exam once you start.


Thanks for that - I've found the Idioms lesson, and used up lots of hearts trying to do it, but very interesting, especially reading other people's comments. However, I still can't find the exam. It's taken my lingots, but not given me anything - are you not allowed to leave it till later ? That doesn't seem right.

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