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  5. "Hi. Who are you?"

"Hi. Who are you?"

Translation:Shwmae. Pwy dych chi?

June 10, 2016



What's the difference between "pwy wyt ti" and "pwy dych chi"?


This sentence has been deleted from the course database, but it has yet to vanish from the system. It may have appeared before ti/chi had been explained.

  • ti is used only when speaking to just one person, and that person is someone whom you know well and with whom you are an familiar terms - family and good friends, children, etc.

  • chi is used for speaking to two or more people, or to any individuals with whom you are not on familiar terms.

Rather similar to the French tu, vous and the German du, Sie


I was wondering more about the difference between using "wyt" and "dych", do they just come with saying "ti" or "chi"? (Sorry, should have explained better in my original question)


Yes, wyt ti and dych chi - they don't mix up at all.

Both mean 'you are'.

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