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  5. "Wyt ti yn dost?"

"Wyt ti yn dost?"

Translation:Are you ill?

June 10, 2016



Do the "ti" and the "yn" have to be written (and said) separately, or can you say "Wyt ti'n dost"?


You are right, it should usually be wyt ti'n dost - the sentence will be corrected shortly, although it may take a while for the change to go live.

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As previously mentioned this is usually 'wyt ti'n dost'. We had some problems creating the course and didn't manage to include 'wyt ti'n' until after this unit and because of the strange rules of the Duolingo system we couldn't include it here.

However this is still a correct sentence in the context of emphasis. This sentence could be transposed as 'Are you (really) ill?'


Just bumping this in case it can be corrected for the new version of the course that is now running?


Now fixed in version 2. Thank you.

The deletion of the old sentence and the addition of the new one may take a little while to filter through the system.


I'm still getting the error when I type Wyt ti'n dost?


Would "Are you in pain" be acceptable here?


mewn poen would be more usual for 'in pain':

  • Dych chi mewn poen? - Are you in pain?
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