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"Mio fratello diventa infantile quando ha fame."

Translation:My brother becomes childish when he is hungry.

January 28, 2014



Forse ha bisogno di un Snickers?


why is "gets childish" wrong?


'gets' isn't popular among any language teachers, virtual or otherwise. its just very colloquial - i'm english, went to english schools, and was frowned upon for using 'gets' in any kind of writing from the age of 11. meh.


Gets sounds more natural here though.


Fine. --But I put "becomes childish," and it was marked wrong, so Duo seems to balk at the adjective here rather than the verb.


No way - it is awful english!!!!


I'm American. Gets is used frequently in the USA. I am a language teacher, and it is fine with me and all the language teachers I know. "Becomes" sounds stilted and pedantic sometimes. i.e. He becomes upset when ... He gets upset is far more likely to be said here.


There is no reason why it should not be accepted unless we are being expected to give a more formal translation, which is not stated. I think it should be accepted as it sounds more natural.


It's not wrong. In my view, it's better. It should be accepted. Check the rest of the sentence. In my experience, Duo is faulting something else you did. However, it changes everything in your response. Frustrating!

[deactivated user]

    My translation of the above was "My brother becomes childish when hungry" and DL rejected it. My view is that DL is unnecessarily pedantic here.

    [deactivated user]

      Still rejected (wrongly, IMHO) - May'20


      A new word in England is ‘hangry’. It is used by lots of parents to describe the temper tantrums of their hungry children. (A combination of hungry and angry)


      Also turns childish seems to be wrong here...


      the hints suggest turns as a translation for "diventa" but then "my brother turns childish when he is hungry" is marked wrong... so frustrating that Duo tends to be so literal


      Childlike should also be accepted.


      Yeah, except that's not what the voice said... Why can't the voices enunciate even when they're speaking at "normal" speed? I shouldn't need to slow it down to get every word...


      my brother gets hungry means the same as becomes hungry in English


      another frustrating one where you write the more natural English ("turns childish") and are punished for it


      you haven't put the word IS among those from which we choose.


      "Hangry" over here in north america! It's slang though just among younger ppl. I don't think older ppl (like 50+) know the word. Hungry+angry = hangry!


      I am an older person (like 50+) and I know the word hangry!


      Why is it "diventA" when it is "fratello"


      "My brother becomes immature when he's hungry" was wrong?


      Becomes "childish" is what we would say. You would only "become immature" perhaps when you have dementia. You are either immature, or not... it's not a state of being that changes temporarily.

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