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Thanks for a great course!

The hugest of thank yous to the awesome Polish team for creating this course and sharing their language with us English speakers! I just finished the course today, and it was such a fun journey.

Many of you know that I have been creating a Memrise course with all the vocab as well as some grammar explanations—now that I am done with the tree, I will be able to finish up the Memrise course over the next few days or so.

So what's next? I still have so much to learn, so lots of reviewing the Duolingo tree, as well as working through the video course Uczmy się Polskiego with its workbook, for lots more listening practice and grammar exercises!

June 10, 2016



Gratulacje! Powodzenia w dalszej nauce polskiego :)

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Moje gratulacje :) Powodzenia!

"The hugest of thank yous to the awesome Polish team for creating this course" Zgadzam się, wielkie dzięki!!! Niech żyje język polski! :)))


Gratulacje! :D Życzę dalszych postępów :)


Thank you we really appreciate you creating this course!


Gratulacje i powodzenia! If I may ask, why are you learning Polish and not some other language so intensively?


It's partly for family, and partly just enjoyment of the Polish language and culture. Also I plan to visit Poland again next year and hope to be able to communicate with the locals.

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