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¿¿¿Why should it be "Estoy vivo" instead of "Soy vivo"???

Thank you all for the answers! It will think over the explanations and try to understand them, although the logic of verbs "ser" and "estar" is still not very clear for me.

June 10, 2016



It's because "soy" in this case would describe a characteristic of your innate personality. "Soy vivo" would mean That you have a very vivacious, lively, or vivid personality. Whereas "Estoy vivo" signifies that your state is "alive". I am alive currently = Estoy vivo actualmente. Although I would wager that "Soy vivo" isn't something that a native spanish-speaker would say very often, the phrasing just sounds off in spanish. But it still technically would describe an innate characteristic of your personality. Hope this explains at least this case! Learning the difference between all the uses of Estar and Ser can be difficult and if you ever need more help you can message me on my profile :)


In Colombia Spanish: We use "soy vivo" or "él es vivo" commonly to describe someone very perceptive (good way) or someone who takes advantage of people (bad way) We use "estoy vivo" or "el esta vivo" to say i'am alive or he's alive And we use "estoy viviendo" or "él esta viviendo" to say something like: I'm living life or he's living life. But in general others comments are right


Being dead uses estar, so it makes sense that being alive would as well.



I think the verb "ser" is used when the thing being said will never change. The verb "estar" is used when the thing being said can change.

I hope this helps!


That is an enormous oversimplification. Being dead uses estar. I am a teacher = Soy maestro, but that does not mean I will always be a teacher.

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