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  5. "Một nghìn lẻ một buổi tối"

"Một nghìn lẻ một buổi tối"

Translation:One thousand one evenings

June 10, 2016



just for reference, the collection of Arabian folk tales One Thousand and One Nights is translated as Nghìn lẻ một đêm.


oof. thanks for clarifying.


Please fix it for British English speakers too, we do not use one thousand one ever, it is simply not correct over here :(


We also don't say "one thousand one" in Australian English.


That's abit difficult to include all preferred English dialects but alright, what's your suggestion for this?


In the same way that it's necessary to include both 'colour' and 'color', this will only work for both countries if we have 'one thousand and one' and 'one thousand one' as acceptable answers. I've never heard anybody in the U.K. say the latter so this will keep coming up otherwise.


Duolingo already accepts words like those. They are still marked correct despite not being displayed.


It's not! I wrote a thousand and one and was marked wrong. I'll see if it comes up again and let you know.


I'm referring to "it's necessary to include both 'colour' and 'color" in his comment". Answers like 'one thousand and one' and 'one thousand one' have to be manually entered.


I'm from the UK and I have always said "one thousand AND one." However I think wdthompson8 is trying to say that "A thousand and one" or "A thousand-one" should also be correct. I agree that people from the UK say "a thousand, a million" etc. (but not "a ten")


In British English we always say one thousand AND one , one million one hundred AND forty five etc


Use correct English. One thousand and one.


British English isn't exactly a dialect... And there's really only two main spelling/style types: US English and Commonwealth-descended English. As far as I know, most of the English-speaking countries outside of the US generally follow the UK/Commonwealth style. Suggestion is to recognise that the US is not the only proprietor of English, nor is it the main one.


The US is a big place and some people speak English well, but regions seem to have developed their own dialects. Maybe "one thousand one" is said in some part of the US, but where I live it is as incorrect as saying "car color red".


As many other English people have already said, "One thousand one evenings" is NOT what English speaking people say.
English speaking people say "One thousand and one evenings". Not a big deal, but the DL translation is very poor and should be amended.




I think all of us speaking American English put the "and" before speaking the tenths or ones placement of a verbal numeral. DL you really should fix as this is a standard syntax to English translation.


When do you say and and when do you not say and? Seriously can't this program be consistent??


I skipped the first one in English (Thousand and one evenings) and got buzzed. I'm not a native speaker, so is it really mandatory and not logical/natural because of the singular like in other latin languages?


Can I clarify? The notes say that le is used at the hundreds level (i.e. there is nothing in the 10s column). Here, though, there are no hundreds. It sounds as though le is used when other columns are omitted (including the hundreds). Is that right? E.g. would there be (one or more) "le"s in 100104? Thanks


You rather mean tens (10s) digit, right? The Native Vietnamese:

100 một (1) trăm (100)
1'000 một (1) nghìn/ngàn (1'000)
10'000 mười (10) nghìn/ngàn (")
100'000 một (1) trăm (100) nghìn/ngàn

or the Sino Vietnamese and mixed morphemes:

1'000'000 một (1) triệu (million)
10'000'000 mười (10) triệu (") 100'000'000 trăm (100) triệu
1'000'000'000 tỷ (milliard/billion)

and their following numerous are fixed expressions.

0 -> không • linh/lẻ (none) The foreign-language borrowed word zêrô (zêro, dê-rô) is often used in physics-related publications, or colloquially

101 -> một trăm linh/lẻ một (linh/lẻ being used as zero tens digit markers) Although linh is the standard form, it is more commonly used in Northern Vietnam, lẻ in the South

1'001 -> một nghìn/ngàn không trăm linh/lẻ một When the hundreds digit is occupied by a zero, these are expressed using không trăm (no hundreds)

For further information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vietnamese_numerals

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