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  5. "He is my first friend."

"He is my first friend."

Translation:Anh ấy là người bạn đầu tiên của tôi.

June 11, 2016



It seems "Anh ta" should be added as an option for "he"


The collaborators have already explained that there are many pronouns in Vietnamese so the course only includes the following pronouns: tôi (first singular), bạn (second singular), cô ấy (third feminine singular), anh ấy (third masculine singular), nó (it is used only to translate the neuter "it" not "he"), chúng tôi (first plural, only this exclusive form is used in all the sentences to translate "we"), các bạn (second plural) and họ (third plural.)

Please remember this is just a reduced presentation of all Vietnamese pronouns:

Important: Due to the almost unlimited combinations of pronouns, we cannot add them all to the database. Therefore, do not try to enter different pronouns other than those above or your answer will be marked wrong.



Is "người bạn" necessary in this sentence? Why not just "bạn" instead?


người there is the classifier for bạn, which makes it mandatory


Would I be able to use "thứ nhất" here interchangeably with "đầu tiên"?

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