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Pronoun question

The Basics 1 Tips & Notes section says this:

"Important: Due to the almost unlimited combinations of pronouns, we cannot add them all to database. Therefore, do not try to enter different pronouns...."

What does it mean by "almost unlimited combinations of pronouns"?

June 11, 2016



There are a few images I found helpful:

The source has some further information that might be helpful:
Viet Family 101
Viet Family 102
Viet Family-in-law 101

Personal pronoun use also varies by who you are talking to.
For example (assuming an adult male speaker...what I was instructed to call people related to me):
You are Anh to children, significant others (girlfriend, wife).
You are Con to parents.
You are Cháu grandparents, uncles, and aunts.
You are Tôi only when learning Vietnamese online.


Hello! The ''almost unlimited'' is exaggerating. Vietnamese like Japanese language has many pronouns and some combinations to form for example the third person. The use of each one depends on gender, age, relationship, social status and respect among others.


No it's not that exaggerating in term of effort. Evidently one can list all possible answers for "I", "you", "he", "she"... but to add all of them into our database would be a tremendous task.


Ah, okay, thank you!


I think maybe Vietnamese is almost like Japanese, but not in their pronouns. How do you think about "he" in Japanese and in Vietnamese?

The word "he" in Japanese just means " 彼 ", but in Vietnamese, it means " Ông ấy/ Chú ấy/Anh ấy/Em ấy/ Hắn/,.... "

Ya, you said that it also depends on gender, age, relationship, social status and respect among others. So, can you add all of them in database with more than 3000 sentences. Remember that Vietnamese has northern - southern and central dialects. And with foreign learners, let put yourself into their place, can you remember all of those pronouns? So, is it exaggerating?


My intention was not to offend the work done here. I agree that it's really difficult to add them all in the database but as for the learning part...It depends on the ability of the learners if they can remember them or not.


Yeah, I agree with you that it depends on the ability of learners :). I said that you should put yourself into their place because I just friendly remind you that not only about the pronouns but all Vietnamese language is also multifarious, and we are teaching Vietnamese for foreigners, not native speakers. Maybe you are Vietnamese native speaker, but it is not equal you know all about Vietnamese. Knowledge is unlimited, so do not say "almost unlimited combinations of pronouns" is exaggerating. ;))

It's just my opinion and don't worry, I am not a contributor for Vietnamese course, I'm just a normal learner :P


This video will show you how to use Vietnamese pronouns in daily conversation:


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