"Taswn i'n gyfoethog, byddwn i'n teithio America."

Translation:If I were rich, I would travel around America.

June 11, 2016

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Is there not a preposition missing i.e. 'to'/'i'. Shouldn't the sentence be 'Taswn i'n gyfoethog, byddwn i'n teithio i America'?


Yes, if it meant 'to travel to America'. 'To travel America' means to travel round America, and the expression can be the same in Welsh:

  • Gwnes i deithio (o gwmpas) Cymru'r llynedd - I travelled (round) Wales last year


Then why not say "travel round America"? I have never heard "travel America" in a lifetime of using BE.


I have never heard that idiom in English except for "to travel the world" I hesitated over travel to and travel in and nearly used the latter but I expect that wouldn't have been accepted either.


Ah I see, thanks

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