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"Bữa tối"


June 11, 2016



Is this not 'night time'?


Bữa as in bữa ăn Buổi tối is night or evening


Is "Bữa tối" necessarily the evening meal? ("Dinner" can sometimes be the noon meal in English, especially in the country.)


"Bữa tối" particularly means the evening meal (bữa = meal, tối = evening/night).


Interesting, I didn't realise that was a thing in the States too (http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/22446/lunch-vs-dinner-vs-supper-times-and-meanings). I thought it was only the oddballs here in Yorkshire who say dinner at lunchtime! :D But looks like Vietnamese specify meal names based on time of day rather than meal size.


I grew up and live in the South. That might occur in VERY rural places, or more likely long ago, and if so, it's very atypical, but I've never heard of that personally or seen that in any sort of movie. I would say that supper is a more Southern and colloquial term for dinner.


I live in Nebraska, and ‘dinner’ is still used for the noon meal on the farm, but not in town. I live in Lincoln (which passes for a big city here), but my dad grew up eating four meals a day: breakfast, dinner, lunch, and supper. Noon dinner is the big meal, eaten at the house if possible; lunch is a small meal of cold leftovers or a sandwich, usually eaten in the field; and supper is another small meal, eaten back at the house shortly before bed. (And breakfast is just breakfast, although you have to feed the cows first.)


Cool fact, TobyBartels!


But isn't supper THESAME as dinner o wut


My parents grew up in Kansas, and usually used breakfast/lunch/dinner with supper as an alternate word for dinner. Dinner was only used for a midday meal at Thanksgiving Dinner that was usually served at noon or soon after.


I thought it ment night does it?


I also would have thought dinner is “bữa ăn tới,” and “bữa tới” would refer to nighttime.


Isn't "bữa tối" nighttime/evening?

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