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  5. "Kvelden kommer før natten."

"Kvelden kommer før natten."

Translation:The evening comes before the night.

June 11, 2016



For a spanish this can be a bit hard to grasp, we would translate both as "noche". Is there someone who can explain me more or less when the evening becomes the night? Around what time?


In Portuguese it sounds weird also because we also translate both as "noite".


the UIO dictionary actually defines kveld as the time between when it gets dark to midnight. Natt seems to be defined as the dark part of the day and/or the opposite of day. Probably in everyday speech the transition from evening to night is a bit more changeable than that.


In everyday speech, I would say that "kveld" is late in the day, before the night. "Natt" (night) is basically when your supposed to sleep, if that makes any sense.


So for instance, 9pm could be considered kveld in Norwegian? I always associate "natt" to the time of sleeping like you said, and kveld to "evening", when it becomes dark (here in my country around 6/7pm during Winter) until around midnight or going to sleep. "God natt" (before going to sleep). "I kveld" ("tonight" in general"). Is this acceptable?


Yeah pretty much. As a general rule: morgen (morning) 6-12 am, dag (day) 12 am-6 pm, kveld (evening) 6-12 pm and natt (night) 12 pm-6 am.


Who else but Vikings will call the end of the day a "quelling" :D


We actually have the word "kvelding" as well, which corresponds to twilight or dusk. Even closer!


Er uttalelse av "natten" riktig? Jeg hører "na:ten", men dobbelkonsonant pleier å gjøre den tidligere vokalen kort.


No, you're correct; the a should be short, not long as the TTS makes it out to be.

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