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  5. "Nyrs ydy hi? Ie."

"Nyrs ydy hi? Ie."

Translation:Is she a nurse? Yes.

June 11, 2016



Does 'ie' only replace 'ydy' in this specific case, or can it replace the other words for 'yes' in different tenses of 'bod'?

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Ie, is 'yes' for a question that doesn't start with a verb.


Does anyone know the total number of Welsh words for 'Yes'?


You can think of it more as repetitions of the verb in an affirmative/negative sense. In that way, 'ie'/'ia' would be the only true "yes" in Welsh.

All other forms are just repetitions of the verbs, similar as you would in English:

"Do you swim at the beach?" "I do."


You could say 'two', and then argue your point.

There is a summary of the yes/no responses if you go to https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/924/hot and see the sticky discussion 'Saying yes and no in Welsh'.

  • If a question does not start with a verb, use Ie/Nage for Yes/No. (There are some local variations such as Ia/Naci, etc)
  • Otherwise, if a question is in the simple past tense, use Do/Naddo. (Some dialects use that in some other tenses, too.)
  • Otherwise, various verb forms are used ...

In casual speech and slang, things often get simplified.

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