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  5. "Who is the technician?"

"Who is the technician?"

Translation:Pwy ydy'r technegydd?

June 11, 2016



Could I also say "pwy sy'n y technegydd?"


No. If you asking who in particular has a particular job or function or name, then it must be ydy. If you are asking who in general is a whatever, then it is sy:

  • *Pwy ydy'r technegydd? - Who is the technician?
  • *Pwy sy'n dechnegydd? - Who is a technician?

  • Pwy ydy Dewi Lingo? - Who is Dewi Lingo?

  • Pwy sy'n dysgu Cymraeg yma? Who is learning/teaching Welsh here?


Ah, diolch. Makes sense.


The sentence you suggest would actually be "Who is in the technician?".

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