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I'm on the first section of verbs, and is it just me or does duolingo throw out words you've never seen before and expects you to know them? I've liked this program up until this point but I've really ran into a roadblock with verbs. I'm starting to get frustrated..

Before I never needed to go to another website to check conjugation but now I'm on 3 other ones.. Is anybody else having this problem?

January 28, 2013

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Duolingo's philosophy is to teach through examples. Sometimes, you are lucky because new French words may look like English words you already know. Often, new words don't ring any bell and you fail, you lose a heart, you do it again and little by little, you remember new words, you understand their meaning(s), their construction in sentences, you hear them fully, you recognize them, you start using them in an appropriate way. Duolingo do not pretend they will teach you everything you have to know about French (or any other language). They don't explain, they don't propose any grammar or syntax help. Indeed it is up to you to complement Duo's offer with what is necessary for you to make the best of your experience here. And keep a window open for the Discussion forum where you'll find lots of tips and explanations from other learners. Bon courage !

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