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New languages (swedish)

Is there any project for swedish lerners?

June 11, 2012



Yes please! That would be great. I came to DuoLingo hoping to learn Swedish. As it wasn´t there, I´m learning Portuguese instead. But a DuoLingo Swedish course would be excellent!


+1 for swedish


Backed super hard, I came to duolingo in hopes of Swedish but in its absence have been enjoying the German lessons.


As an English speaking immigrant in Sweden I am eagerly waiting for DuoLingo to develop its Swedish project! It would surely make a difference in my learning and integration process.


I gave Livemocha's Swedish a try, but the lessons are unpolished and poorly organized. I originally came to duolingo hoping for Swedish. Hopefully one day not too far off we'll have it too!


I would love to see swedish in the list! +1


I'm holding out for Swedish. I'm doing my best with other online tools, and practicing with native speakers, but would love to be able to use duolingo. I really wish I could start using duolingo now, but until Swedish is offered I'm just going to have to keep checking back. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's added soon!


keen for this also...


My sisters are fluent in Swedish and English. Are there any job opportunities to develop Duolingo in Swedish?


Been waiting for Swedish for over a year and still hoping for it. using other sources for learning it atm but would be back here instantly if it was released. playing with french atm but not very committed.


I'd think that English to Swedish would be pretty straightforward to add, as well, considering that MANY Swedish-speakers are fully bilingual!


Yeah, initially came to DuoLingo hoping to learn Swedish as well!! Already sent an email to my former Swedish teacher if she could spread the word out in the community at her faculty concerned with languages and linguistics (Uppsala University).


Would love to see swedish, norwegian or danish available on duolingo! :)


Can one of the admins reply with the plan for Swedish? How do we get Swedish into the "incubator"?


There seems to be a fair amount of interest in this here, and with the number of bilingual Swedes as high as it is, I would think that generating content would be much less daunting for Swedish that some other languages. Any thought as to when we might expect to see Swedish in the incubator?


Up! Please, we all want to learn Swedish


I'd love to have a Swedish course here on Duolingo. I'm from Finland so I already know some of the basics because Swedish is an official language here, but my skills need a lot of honing. I've forgotten most of what I was taught in school and now I need to refresh my skills for the university. Duolingo would definitely be the best way to do that online. I always hated Swedish in school but here learning it would be much more entertaining. :P


Det skulle vara användbar! Jag lär mig svenska.


"Det skulle vara användbart!" (note the t at the end)


Thank you! Proof that I definitely would benefit from a swedish course here! :D


Hopefully DuoLingo will add Swedish soon!


Still interested in hearing about plans for Swedish access in the incubator!


Up! Waiting for this.


I want to learn Swedish too!


That would be great!


I am also very interested. I am despered to learn swedish.


I would like to learn swedish please


I would absolutely love to study Swedish here also.


One more vote for Swedish!


I would love for Duolingo to have Swedish.


I'd love to get my Swedish on!


yes, in for swedish!!


Ooohhh, I would love to learn Swedish! I love the Duolingo courses, they make learning a new language fun and easy. At the moment I'm learning German, but when I found this website I was actually hoping to learn Swedish instead :)


I came to Duolingo for Swedish, sadly it isn't here. I hope it will be in the future :)


+1 for Swedish! It's 43 Comments here for now. So, I gonna buy app (or inapp purchase) for 10$, cause I need Swedish. I think, that most of people here also would agree to pay 1-3$ for such great opportunity.

If you need some motivation - it's here. I'll get the Greatest Respect from community ever and can earn some money for icecream ;)


Any update on a Swedish course would be great.

Even if it's "we're not currently developing it"



Please! Would love this.


I would also love to learn Swedish!!


does anyone know when swedish will be availabe?


Swedish please!!


swedish course would be so great! : )


Duolingo, what is the status? Pretty please let us know!


I'd love to learn swedish


Én is svédül szeretnék tanulni! :-)


As a swede I can see why this hasn't happened yet. Us swedes are simply a bit too fluent in english. I don't think there is any big need for an english for swedish speakers-course which is usually the starting point for the development here. Personally I'm doing fine learning italian from english although my english isn't perfect. Therefor I don't, for example, feel the need for an italian for swedish speakers course.


This thread is about learning swedish itself - like if someone from England wants to work in Sweden. Not about adding swedish as a starting point for learning another language.


I understand that. I'm just thinking out loud about the fact that lots of new courses are being added like vietnamese, czech and romanian where lots of learners are eager to learn english. Then reverse courses will probably be completed pretty swiftly thus adding lots of new languages to learn from english. What I'm saying is that a course in swedish probably wont be developed using that path which is why things are moving slow.


You could always help us all out and start a English-Swedish course? :D


Is that possible? How are new languages added?


Cool. Would be great if some people could contribute! I would but my Swedish is not good enough right now.


I left an application - I'm not fluent, but...I do think I could help out with some grunt work anyway. I think I got to roughly...C level - somewhere in there on the European scale. I learned in Finland. It'd be nifty if we could even have the option of answering with "det var kiva!" instead of "det var kul!"


Yes, I get that. The difference is that czech, romanian and vietnamese are different families of the language - Both swedish and english (and german) are germanic languages and they are pretty similar in some ways. Moreover - almost everyone in Sweden speaks english (even TV broadcasts in english O.o) or at least german. So learning english for Swedes is "not as needed" as learning english from czech or romanian (which are slavic languages - mostly relative to russian). Older generations there used to have russian language in school and they don't understand english at all. This would be a great opportunity to learn english.

But it would be great to have an option to learn and practise the swedish language. But adding this language is obviously not as hot topic as it seems to be. It looks like Sweeds are comfortable to speak with others in foreign languages.


I agree and I add that Romanian is a romance language, not a slavic one.


Yes please! That would be great. I came to Duolingo to learn Swedish and I would love having it


Finally swedish! Tack så micket!


My family is Swedish, and I'm;earning it so I can talk to the family that lives in Sweden. So if anyone has a question, just ask me!

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