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  5. "Tạm biệt và hẹn gặp lại."

"Tạm biệt hẹn gặp lại."

Translation:Goodbye and see you again.

June 11, 2016



what exactly does hẹn gặp lại mean when you break it down to words?


Schedule next meeting aka see you next time


Hen is schedule, gap is meet, lai is again (sorry for lack if symbols) so it is correct to say "Let's meet again!"


I wonder what hanzi hẹn gặp lại used to be... does anyone know? Like 来 for lại?


When would we say both? I usually say one or the other


For example, you have to leave urgently while talking to someone, you should say goodbye to cancel the conversation, however, both of you will meet each other at another time so you could say "Goodbye and see you again".


i get the first half of this sentence, but the see you again, can't it be "Hen ban lai" ?


gặp means to meet, or in this colloquial context "see". don't get too hung up on direct translation, it's usually about shaping the meaning of a phrase


hẹn gặp lại surely means meet again, there is no word 'to see' in this sentence , gặp lại means meet again. To see is xem


See you later and lets meet again have the same meaning so it works either way...


When learning another language, especially another language like Vietnamese that does not come from the same language branch, it is important to note that words and phrases may not translate word by word. Heck, even the meaning may not be translated perfectly, but it is always the meaning that can get through, not a literal translation of words.

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