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  5. "I am a machine."

"I am a machine."

Translation:Tôi là một cái máy.

June 11, 2016



Đó là gì cô ấy nói


Yaeh ! Duo said : "I am a buffalo" and now "I am a machine".


This is an important one to know if you're ever traveling on a train and run into some Vietnamese gangsters.


cái classifier refers something inanimate tangible, so those gangsters would think you are a retard - this means that you are literally a machine.

However, if you would change the classifier into, let's say, thằng (a brat), then they see your point. I don't know though if that exist as a word. I guess they still would think you as a retard. Maybe with other better classifier?


1/2/2021 - dam right i am !!!

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