"Zrób to najszybciej jak umiesz."

Translation:Do it as fast as you can.

June 11, 2016

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"Do that as quickly as you know how."?


Why is 'Do this...' not accepted? I notice that translators confuse 'it' and 'this' very frequently, when translating into English, it is like the work to a formula rather the in-sentence needs of English.


Why not: Do it as fast as you know how> doesn't "umiesz" mean to know?


I cannot imagine any English native speaker saying that... 'umieć' means something between knowing how to do something and being able to perform it.

EDIT 6 months later: actually, we're going to accept it although I guess that's not the most natural sentence ever.


"Do this as fast as you know how" is still being rejected although it sounds fine to me.


I translated this as this 'Do it the fastest you can'. Would this be acceptable? Thanks


Yes, added now.


The most similar way of saying "Do it soon" to the one here would be "Zrób to jak najszybciej".


Could you explain the usage of "jak", how can I translate it in the sentence" Zrób to najszybciej jak umiesz" and "Zrób to jak najszybciej", I know sometimes I can translate it as "that/which" in English for example in the sentence "to najlepszy projekt jak widzilam",but here I think it has another usage , maybe you can give me more examples to help me understand it and know how to use it ,thank you very much.


Jak? (How?) Gdzie? (Where?) Kiedy? (When?) - those are question words for adverbs (przysłówki) in Polish

Jaki? Jaka? Jakie? Jacy? - question words for adjective (przymiotniki) in Polish.

Zrób to najszybciej jak umiesz - Do it the fastest way you can (the fastest way you know)

Zrób to jak najszybciej - „Do it as fast as (you can)”. This last part in English version is not present in Polish. Instead we mean something like: „the quicker the better”.

to najlepszy projekt jak widziałam -Probably you meant (2)

1) Jak widziałam to najlepszy projekt (and with rearranged word order: to najlepszy projekt jak widziałam) - As I have seen, this is the best project (Here Jak is connected with „widzieć”)

2) To najlepszy projekt jaki widziałam - This is the best project I have seen. (Here jaki is connected with „projekt”)


Thank you very much for your answer :)


In your last line, 2) "To"... you translated as, "This" ... For this exercise, I translated, "Zrób to ..." as, "Do this..." and it was marked wrong. Why? Doesn't, "Zrób to..." = "Do it..." = "Do this..."?


Yes, both 'do this' and 'do it', and also 'do that' should be accepted. They all were in one construction, but 'this' and 'that' were missing in another construction, so maybe that's the reason.

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