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  5. "Não gostei do processo."

"Não gostei do processo."

Translation:I did not like the process.

June 11, 2016



In PT-BR they use the preterite where English speakers use the present tense for "gostar", correct?


It works when you have the verb conjugated for the first plural person:

Nós gostamos - we like/liked.

In this case, "eu gostei" works only for "I liked".


I mean like this example:

"Oi gente!"

"Oi João! Gostei da sua camisa!"


Oh, yeah, in this case it is more common to use the past tense! =)


Interesting. I had no idea.


So therefore this should have "I do not like the process" as an accepted answer (2016-06-12)


Hmmm, that's not good.

Just because we prefer to use the past in the sentence "gostei da sua camisa", it doesn't mean "gostei" is present.

We use "gostei" da sua camisa because "it caused me a good impression". It's past, and it's intention is past.

Also notice that "like" is not stative in Portuguese, so we'd prefer more natural "instant" sentences like these:

  • Estou gostando = I like
  • Gostei = I've liked it = It caused me a good impression/feeling

The present version "gosto" sounds more general, as if I already know that shirt, and I like it.


Thanks! Your description of this is the best one I've read (and I've read quite a few!).

However - we are talking about a translation, and what duolingo should accept. English speakers never say "I liked your shirt" for a shirt that a person continues to be wearing.

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