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[GUIDE]I don't have immersion, how do I get it?!?!

Hello. I am sorry to inform everybody, but Immersion has been discontinued. This post is null & void, but I will leave it up as a memory to immersion <3 PLEASE STOP COMMENTING

I have seen many posts asking for Immersion back, and many posts asking why it disappeared unfairly or if they are new and have never used it before, and have heard it on the forums and are intrigued and want to use it. For those of you who do not know what immersion is, according to the wikia, it is defined as:

The Immersion feature allows users to practice the language they are learning by helping to translate real-world documents from that language into one they already know

As also stated by the wikia, immersion is no longer available

The Duolingo CEO announced in June 2015 that they have stopped developing immersion. Furthermore the last course granted of Immersion is English for Romanian speakers course (which reached beta phase on 2014/02/04). Consequently, it is currently only available for some of the first courses that reached Phase 2 and will not likely be added to other courses. Around December 2015, Duolingo started an A/B test to evaluate Immersion, and that explains why some users have the immersion feature and others do not. There is no official statement about it but due to the fact that Immersion is not developed anymore since at least October 2014, it is possible that this A/B test tries to evaluate if a complete removal of Immersion for all courses and users would have a negative impact on their experience. Moreover, the end date of this A/B test is unknown (as for any A/B test).

Now, to my main point. How does one get immersion if they have been left out of it from the A/B test or simply because they are new! There are 2 ways to get to immersion, the upload method and the incognito method. I will start off with the upload method.


To start this off, go to this page for uploading translation articles , and click Free translation, once you have that page open, open a new tab and search for an article.

This can be easily done by going to a Wikipedia page and choosing an article there, which is what is going to be done in this example for the sake of simplicity, but you can choose any article as long as it isn't copyrighted. I will explain copyrights later.

Once you go to the page you want, go to the url and select it by dragging the mouse and highlighting the entire url.

You must press control and while holding it, press c, and then you are ready to go to the next step(ctrl+c, which copies the url) If it is on a copyrighted website, it will tell you that you are trying to use copyrighted material without the proper account, if you do not want to wait for a response from the Duolingo team, go to another website and start again from the beginning. If it is not copyrighted, continue.

After that, you press control and v, (CTRL+V) and paste it into the area to upload the URL to Duolingo for immersion.

After you enter, it will show a preview, select the correct category for YOUR article, not the example one. After you did that, then upload. (Sorry for the gif cutting off, computer troubles)

Now, you can get to translating!! Just click on the sentence you want to translate, and get to translating!!


Personally, I find this method easier, but the links on the immersion tab can be erased and not all articles will lead to a translation page.

Go into your incognito browser (Windows users do CTRL+SHIFT+N, Mac users do ⌘+SHIFT+N) and type this or just copy paste it from here: http://www.duolingo.com/translations/en/es (If you don't have immersion and click on that link you will get a 404 page, btw)

When you get there the page will look similar to that of the picture above. You can explore the categories and see what you like, but most of the popular articles, are either deleted or fully translated, so it is suggested you go to newest, which you can go to when you click on Sort by: Recommended, and changing it to Newest.

From the gif above, you can see that there are only a handful of languages. These languages are

From English: German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish

Languages that have options to translate to English: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Languages that have options to translate into Spanish(besides English): French

If you are wondering why your language or another language is not there, Jrikhal explains it in this comment: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14179375$comment_id=14180819

You can now go into an immersion article, BUT, you can't translate or click on anything as seen in this gif above.

You need to copy paste it back to the non-incognito tab and then you can translate again as shown below

Once you have done that, you can translate, like seen above!!

IMMERSION ETIQUETTE (open to suggestion in comments)

You can read the Etiquette here on the wikia page: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Immersion_Community_Guidelines_(Unofficial) , but there are some main ones I want to point out here

  • Try to use correct and consistent grammar throughout the page

  • Be consistent throughout the text, e.g. Goldilocks is Goldilocks from the beginning to the end of the text (not blondylocks or goldenhair);

  • If you see something incorrect, don't downvote if it is something minor like if you leave out a word or if you see a typo, correct it, and share the credit with the original translator.

  • If something was obviously copied pasted from Duobot and it was poorly translated, and this occurs several times throughout the article, you can report abuse, because a bad translation is not good, these websites get translated and sent to be on those websites.

  • Etiquette rule by amaratea: Don't be lazy and do some research during your translation. Official institutions usually have their established translations, as do titles, terms, names etc. This all can be found on Wiki or their respective webpages. E.g. Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible is Иван Грозный, not Иван Ужасный, and Norwegian king Olav den hellige is not Olav the sacred, he is St. Olaf or Olaf the Holy.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope I helped you access immersion, even if you don't have it, I hope they let everybody use it some day. If you see any typos, or have any suggestions to make this guide easier, please let me know in the comments. If you still have any questions after reading this guide, ask down below in the comments or ask a moderator. Thank you!! -J

June 11, 2016



I was about to say "instructions not clear enough, got my %☠*# stuck on the ceiling fan . But dammmm, that's a high quality post right there! Btw, nice work with the GIfs!

I wonder if you would let me translate this post to Portuguese and use the same gifs, because we have a lot of new users over there asking for immersion, but then again............................ I'm too lazy : (


I was thinking of maybe translating this post into Spanish or putting it into a document and uploading it for immersion, which is what I may do for all languages available.

You're welcome to translate it into Portuguese as long as you credit this post :)


Wow, thank you for this!


lol im giving him one too


With a very few exceptions (the sponsored articles, for which Duolingo gets paid) the translated articles are not sent back to the website they came from.

That said, I don't want to encourage anyone to go out of their way to deliberately do a bad job with translation. It's not fair to the other people working on the article and you, will, of course, get absolutely nothing out of using Google Translate or adding a punctuation mark to every translation.


Wow! This is an incredible guide! It should definitely go to Sticky position!


Thank you so much! I needed this!


You're welcome!!


When the test ends does everyone lose it?


That, presumably, depends at least in part on the results of the test.


I am sure they already know that nobody who uses it wants it removed. I don't understand what the point of the test is, unless it's more phasing out than a test.


I think the test is likely to be more focused on things like retention rates and how well people do with their languages (by whatever proxies Duolingo chooses for that), rather than how much people want the feature. Also, if Duolingo was going to phase Immersion out, it could just stop giving it to new people altogether.


But they don't seem to be giving it to new accounts, it sounds like they really don't want it anymore to me.


For the last, oh, week and a half or so, I've been looking at the profiles of people at levels 8-12. (I figure that very few people probably use Immersion before that stage.)

A fair few of the accounts are showing Translation Tiers, which means that they have access to Immersion and are using it.


How do I add an english wikipedia article for translation into hebrew?


Thank you for this guide! I followed your directions and tested Immersion through method 1 since I recently joined and did not have the option showing anywhere.

This is what happened:

I uploaded a short fr.wiki article (8 sentences) and translated all the sentences from French to English. Meanwhile, someone I suspect is starved for new content (tier 87) did a pretty low quality job on those while I was working on them, especially with proper names and the actual meaning of the sentences. A fact I found out through my own feed moments later :)

Result: I would not like Immersion if it's something people are "fighting" over, a vibe I seem to get from a few folks here based on the etiquette you have shared.

In theory is sounds pretty neat to collaborate on translations and get feedback and comments on mistakes and nuances to be aware of, but having someone override this at light speed without saying anything is not my cup of tea.

However, it might just be a thing where one ignores what others do and keep going? Immersion might also be better in less popular languages, I don't know. I'm not going to translate articles just to get XP, especially not in languages I know very well. So I will sit this one out until I learn enough to perhaps try it again with Irish (edit: I don't even think Irish Immersion exists, though I've seen a discussion about it).

Moreover, I don't have access to immersion directly (method 2 link leads to 404 including fr/en one) and therefore, no browsing for new content nor proofreading other articles, which I would have liked to browse to read discussions (if any occurred there)... Unless I missed something?


Immersion does have XP leeches and Duobot translators, just downvote them and move on, when you are a higher tier than someone they can't downvote you. You should definitely upload your own article and translate quickly to make sure that people do not XP leech off you, and if they do anyways just revert back to your translation. Best of luck with immersion.


I'd rather find a more friendly location than a place filled with manic folks doing a poor job for quantity (XP) over quality (proper translation).

I dislike this type of attitude in general. Why would I spend time fighting for XP and getting stressed out every time I upload an article, only to then lash out in frustration at these people with downvotes or scrolling back immediately to revert to my version? :/


I have a method I'd like to share.

Make an upload using onthehype's method, and book mark your page.

LOGOUT of Duolingo

Go to your immersion bookmark.

It should say that "This page is being translated, click here to see more pages. Click here to view more translations." (Or something like that) on the top.

Click it!

Then, you can look at pages you can bookmark and translate later.


Thanks,I love this comment.but when I go to immersion i have 404 error,How can i get immersion?


I added the extension and now it shows the immersion page, but when I click on an article it still sends me to an error page. Is it working for you?


Okay. It will open documents that already have some work done, but not documents that have 0 work done.


Weird. Maybe try restarting the browser? That's never happened to me before. Does it even do it when it's one you uploaded?


I haven't tried that yet! Thanks for the link to the extension. :)

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I got all excited but it doesn't work at all for me. :( Just for the record, that's using Windows 10 and latest version of Chrome. I loved Immersion and want it back bad, though, so I'll be giving it a whirl in Linux soon.


it's removed completely as a feature, so it won't help.

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Thanks, amaratea and lilyflower, I suspected as much when I saw the date of the post. Damn shame, really.


Right, I wrote that a while ago, when Immersion was still supported by Duolingo. Now, Immersion is gone for everyone, even if they had it naturally before. Sorry about that.


I just thought I'd let you know that I linked to this excellent guide in the latest Mousquetaires post :)


Can someone explain what the incognito method of immersion does? I do not have immersion by the way.



Log out from Duolingo and then follow the translation link


Immersion we'll miss you


It's such a tragedy that DuoLingo got rid of the Immersion feature, that was by far the most effective way to learn a language.


Hello to all, now, you can to join us here. http://translatihan.com/ regards


Thanks, it's seems like a great way to replace the immersion module !


Hi Gabrielle28671. I created a translatihan account and read the FAQ but don't see if there is an easy way to choose the difficulty level of the text to be translated. Any advice?


Hi Brian851903, what's your username on Translatihan? You may choose any text, you are the only one to know your level. If you have some questions let me a message on Translatihan. I'll be happy to help you. Gabrielle


Ja, ich bin auch dort und könnte helfen.


I love the animated gif files!

This is excellent and SO useful.
I've followed it so I can point people to it easily.

Thank you!


Technically speaking, there is an Immersion for any language, only not all are available officially. i.e. with a direct button. For example, Norwegian is here.


As for immersion etiquette, I would really love to add this:

  1. Don't believe everything hoverhints and Duobot say.

  2. In case of doubt put the word in question in actual Google Translate, click on the suggested translation and see all available translations. Hoverhints often show only the top one, and sometimes it just doesn't match the sentence at all, but another translation may be perfect.

  3. Don't be lazy and do some research during your translation. Official institutions usually have their established translations, as do titles, terms, names etc. This all can be found on Wiki or their respective webpages. E.g. Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible is Иван Грозный, not Иван Ужасный, and Norwegian king Olav den hellige is not Olav the sacred, he is St. Olaf or Olaf the Holy.

  4. If possible/not obvious (especially when it comes to style or wording) please leave a comment explaining your choice for translation or correction.


And I'll add to the addition. :-) For 3, often the easiest way to find the translated name is to go to the Wikipedia page for it in the source language, and look on the left for the list of languages the page is in. If the target language is there, click the language name and it will take you to the same page in that language. The name is nearly always the same only in the target language.


That's exactly how I do it :)


I would like to add one more etiquette rule, which is especially relevant for Wikipedia articles: Don't edit just for the sake of editing if all you have to add is a dropped format text or other auxiliary information. If you change the title "Etymology" to "Etymology[edit|edit source]" (or vice versa), it does not contribute to the text comprehensibility, it does not contribute to your or other people's language knowledge, it doesn't help with the context. It only clogs the edit history and creates unnecessary annoyance. The same goes for Oxford commas, British/American spelling and other petty matters that have no effect on the translation or context at all.

The problem with minor translations will always exit, as there will always be Oxford comma knights and Wiki formatting crusaders. This is what I personally do when I want to submit a minor edit (like correcting an obvious typo or putting a missing dot): first upvote, then do your edit and add "//" or any other random symbol in the end of the sentence, then leave a related footnote - this way the author of the original translation who actually did his/her work and put effort into it will remove this "//" while saving the actual edit and get back to the top of credits. Again, I personally don't want upvotes and tiers for my comma mastery :) valuing others' work is just as important as doing yours right imo.


Re. minor edits: I've never bothered with the "//". If you upvote before editing and then share credit, they get your upvote anyway and all later upvotes as well.


I think the up-vote only impacts the two latest translations. Since I generally up-vote and share credit (except in the case of Duobot translations and the like), however, I don't feel too concerned about making even tiny corrections.

Especially since there's no guarantee that anyone will ever come along behind me and vote. (I like to do whole articles and, since I am very thorough, move slowly, so the mad scrum is well in the past by the time I get to most of an article. I'm currently working on one where most prior translations are a year or so old and another where they are mostly a few months old.)

I wouldn't add stray punctuation marks to a translation because a) I am trying to produce professional level work, b) given the time lag, the original translator may never come back to correct their original translation, and c) adding stray punctuation marks has been used in the past as a way of cheating (i.e. to rack up xp points without doing actual work) and I neither want to look like I'm cheating nor take the risk of being down-voted reflexively by someone who thinks I am.

Also, if the original translator corrects my translation and I agree with their change, I up-vote the new version.


@ripcurlgirl each language has its own distinguishing perks but in general Duobot has a lot of troubles with genders, inversions and compound words. So if you see something like "France and her legislation", it's Duobot or GT for sure. Also context - kid means both "a child" and "a male goat" but only the real translator will understand which one to use when the sentence is like "the farmer neutered two kids" ;)


npcurlgirl - if the translation is totally correct, no one knows. Or much cares. If the translation looks suspicious - which is generally going to involve more than one mistake or at least one mistake a human would be unlikely to make - some/many checkers will feed it into Google Translate to see if they get identical results.


Colour me stupid but how does one know if Duobot has been utilised? I mean, if I come across a translation and it is good (or nearly good) then how do I know if duobot was used? I have tried experimenting with this and sometimes it throws up the correct translation. So how do know know whether it is duobot or just someone trying (but failing or partially/fully succeeding) to give a correct translation? I ask as duobot disappears after the entry is made. So how do people know - am I missing something? :)

Merci d'avance !


And then someone else will edit the upper translation, and then one more edit, and again, and again...:P if it worked for the whole pile of translations, I would have been on tier 100 :D


You wouldn't. Your problem is that you're always a level ahead of everyone else, so our upvotes don't count for you.


@theron yes, it's all my fault :D


I upvote, share credit, and add the slash. That way if people upvote my edit before they change it back they get the credit from those as well.


Je suis d'accord. Je les utilise aussi ! C'est la bonne étiquette.


I see your point, this is exactly what happened to the sole wiki article I submitted for a test of Immersion.

However, right now my duolingo beginner's impression of Immersion is that there are, right now, too many subjective, undocumented things to do in terms of etiquette for what..? Some translation credit and XP/leveling, while no monetization occurs?

Behaviour rules such as the one you described seem to stem from drama. Immersion sounds, as it is, too complicated for it to be enjoyable as a learning tool - which should be its primary goal.


Duolingo team stopped any development of Immersion 2 years ago, and this can be felt. Whatever design they had in mind doesn't seem to work with current amount of people. There is no mechanism to react to farming and exploits, noone responds to "report button etc". All you have to do in terms of etiquette in Immersion can be as well summarized in two simple points:

  1. Do your translation honestly and sincerely and
  2. Don't leech off other people

But sadly there are no inbuilt features to control their implementation.


@TarjaVa I dwell mostly in uncharted waters of unofficial Norwegian Immersion which is a small and lovely club of like-minded people (mostly :D. But every time I open official Immersion in German or Italian, all I can say is "OMG" and then I shut it down in 5 minutes. It's one big mess. Too crowded, too many leechers, too many updates and no real peer system, where you can learn and help at the same time. Which is a shame because it's a nice feature, but left totally unattended, so I can see whyy newcomers don't feel they benefit from it. There are a few ways to prevent abusing that are relatively easy to implement, e.g. put automatic copypaste limit to fight off GT abusers, make exp actually scale with level or limit the daily amount of uploaded articles, but Duo will not bother with it anymore.


I agree, it's why I can't feel I am missing something right now as a new user of Duolingo. I've researched what Immersion was, and was able to test it though posts explaining how to participate despite the shut down. The system has many flaws, and those flaws are what breaks it for me.

Even just applying the above two rules does not prevent me from being a "victim" in this system. The few sentences I translated as a test have already been replaced with ones that had no visible change to them (invisible characters? I can't tell, there's nothing new to them). I already felt annoyance at this, which is a clear sign for me to simply avoid it.

The concept of Immersion in theory is very nice, exciting and a way to open discussions on higher levels of all languages. It is also challenging to create any reward system that is foolproof against people who abuse those for rewards and status, even if only virtual.


I stumbled upon this old post after whimsically searching for Immersion (vain hope against hope, of course)--I feel an odd nostalgia for the old Norwegian immersion. It was the main place where I really felt that I had developed community on Duolingo, and I miss that.



Thank you! I will add number 3 to the list.


Thank you so much. I hope this becomes a "Sticky."


Thank you so much for this clear guide on immersion.
It is beautifully presented and covers the topic well.
I will be adding it to my reference files to assist it being referenced, by others as well as myself.


very sad that they are possibly discontinuing immersion. . . I learned a lot of French that way :(


and not really logical, since after mastering the tree you have either to start another course or to go elsewhere, and Immersion provides almost endless" replay value" = people spend more time on Duo when they do Immersion.


This is incredibly useful, thank you so much! It's a shame that some of us can't use Immersion the proper way tho..


Thanks, I got the immersion following this!


I can only get the upload method to work, not the incognito window. In fact, now that I've uploaded a document, and translated a few sentences from another, I still can't find the rest of the immersion documents.


This was extremely helpful. Thank you so much!


The upload method did not work for me. I got a 404 error. The same error was returned when I tried the incognito method. :-(


That is because it doesn't exist anymore.

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20364950 (Caution it has almost 1,000 comments so it might take a second to load)

If you would like to sign a petition: https://www.change.org/p/luis-von-ahn-don-t-turn-duolingo-into-a-game?recruiter=17389770&


Thanks. I've signed it. How sad that this wonderful resource and community has been eviscerated. And how angry it makes me that this happened before I ever got a chance to try it.


It is really a great loss :(((


@letra_a , ... Losing immersion is a big loss! I agree with that! - Dem stimme ich zu! - ¡Estoy de acuerdo con eso!


Klara-Ilona dann komm doch zu http://translathian.com

It is Immersion, fantastisch dort


Maybe you are interested in having your name added to this petition: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20374000$from_email=comment_id=20429435


This link is no longer useable : http://www.duolingo.com//translations/upload .

I don't have Immersion , How can I get it ? That link useful when I have Immersion


Immersion has been discontinued completely, as discussed elsewhere in these comments.


Does this workaround still exist?


As it was steated here a few times, Immersion is not available any more!


No. All of Immersion's content was removed some months ago.


I'm happy that I could see how the Immersion interface looked even though I was never able to use it. Apparently, it was removed right before I joined. Oh well.


Check out http://translatihan.com if you want to try out a Duolingo-like immersion platform.


Ja, CommeuneTexane...es ist eine fantastische Webseite, ich bin auch dort. Sie hat sich immer weiterentwickelt, nun ist sie perfekt.....it's a fantastic website, i'm there too. It has always evolved, now it is perfect. http://translathian.com


That happened to me too. I joined the day after Immersion was removed!


I use those comedians to learn Norwegian too


Yes, I saw the tab on the animation


Those guys are hilarious! I watch their show with subtitles in English


Thank you so much. thisis really full. but what I dont unerstand is why my mother who does Italian from English has Immersion all the time. Does that mean that only people who have been on Duo for a long time can do it?


Yes, users that have been on for more time are more likely to have immersion, though newer users that don't have immersion bypass the block using this post.


OK, it works. Thanks much


You're welcome!


Is there also a way to get access to all the tittles of the texts that are put on Immersion by others?


Great Work! Everyone Appreciates Your hard Work! Thanks for the Post! It has helped alot. By the way The Pics are cool


This is what happens when he entered


I want to see my tier progress but i am not able to go to those pages. even though all my siblings and friends are able to.


by using this way, would the translation tiers show on my profile?


Actually tiers for languages like Russian and Norwegian that aren't supposed to have immersion won't be displayed. Tiers for languages that do have it, like French or German, will be displayed.


dosen't work any more


I didn't use immersion that much compared to the exercises, but this is mostly because of a problem on ux and probably also a lack of resources for organising content. The immersion could have shown not to be very engaging but intuitively I'd say it was a better method for learning. It shouldn't be a problem to leave the feature closed but the articles still available to the public, specially because those have been uploaded by the users, who invested time and effort to built that part of duolingo


Try this resource list - I just made it today. It took me a while :) http://www.branda.ro/learn-romanian-romanian-language-immersion-resources/


They had this 5 years ago and removed it???

Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.