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Additional Polish Resources

After finishing my tree, I've been hunting around for additional online resources to help learn Polish. Here's some great ones I've found so far:

University of Pittsburgh/Oscar Swan

SO, SO many resources here from the University of Pittsburgh! An online Polish/English dictionary, the complete text of Oscar Swan's First Year Polish Course, short stories in Polish, a Polish songbook, a grammar reference text, and much more!

Uczmy się Polskiego

A 15-part video course available on YouTube. Each episode is about a half hour long. It is similar in concept to French in Action or the Extr@ series, with alternating sections of a story line and instruction (in this case, just repeating sentences after the speaker). There is an accompanying workbook that seems to be out of print (?), but is available in PDF through a link in the video description. It includes transcriptions, grammar explanations, and exercises.

Children's Stories

Designed for Polish children, there is no English here. But you will find some short, easy stories to practice reading. Some of them are familiar, for instance, like Little Red Riding Hood ("Czerwony Kapturek").

Polish Legends

Again, no English. A sizable collection of Polish legends, all fairly short and manageable reading for somewhat more advanced learners of Polish.

June 12, 2016



Thank you so much for finding and sharing these schmidzy!!!


I will have to look into these. Everything has to wait until I finish the tree. It is difficult to find reading material that is the right level, i.e. just difficult enough to make you reach a little but not so hard that it becomes an exercise in futility.


The "advanced course" portion (Od. 16-30) of Uczmy Się Polskiego is available here, but no PDF. You can find the book for the second half on Amazon, but it's $100!


Ooh thank you so much!


If you want to practice speaking (biggest weakness so far with Duolingo) you can now add speech recognition for nearly every language (sorry Esperanto). For example, with Apple products you simply add your target language under Settings / General / Keyboard and then instead of typing, you hit the microphone icon and speak. This allows you to determine how much you want to focus on writing versus speaking and is a tremendous gift for those languages (like Polish) which have no speech training in Duolingo itself.


thanks here is 3 lingets


A couple other users (sirwootalot and Murfieslaw) shared another great introductory site, which provides this handy chart for case endings: http://speak-polish.net/seven-polish-cases/


Thank you for this valuable information. I have also found a great resource which list books in Polish and audiobooks - all for free. I find that it helps with my reading and to form a better understanding of the sounds and rhythm of the language when spoken.

It is www.wolnelektury.pl



just know that most of those resources are older books, so keep in mind that some of the vocabulary may be dated.

also nowela= novella, powieść=novel opowiadanie=short story


thanks for these!


Thanks for all the info! :)

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