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  5. "Nous sommes des filles."

"Nous sommes des filles."

Translation:We are girls.

January 28, 2013



I don't understand why is used "des" instead of "les". Isn't des a possesive?


Just a tip: change the English sentence to its singular equivalent: "I am A girl" = "je suis UNE fille" Now consider "nous sommes DES filles": DES is simply the plural of UNE.


Aaaaaaah!, that makes more sense to me. Thanks.


Is it also correct for "We are some girls?"


Yes because of the des in the sentience

Des can mean some


'Des' is not a possessive, in this sentence it is the partitive article. It translates roughly as 'some', e.g. "we are some girls", which sounds odd in English but is grammatically necessary in French. You cannot just say 'nous sommes filles' in French, and if you said 'nous sommes les filles' it would translate as 'we are THE girls'.


good job and thanks for the info it makes sense now, just like de and du


Wait a minute, does 'filles' really mean 'girls, daughters and prostitutes'?


Of course it heavily depends on context, but yes it does.


could I say <<nous sommes filles>> ?


No, because the plural of UNE fille is DES filles.


I see.. the thing is: "I am (a) girl" -> plural "we are girls". The article desappears. But in french the article NEED to continue, right?


Yes, as the plural form of "un" or "une", "des" is required.


What's the difference between "des" "Elle lisent des livres" and "du" "Elle manges du porc" ? Dont both mean some? I hope those examples are correct lol


"Des" is the plural of "un/une": un livre (a/one book), des livres (books as more than one book). "Des" is required to mean "more than one" with any plural, countable noun.

"Du" and "de la" are partitive articles (partitive = part of a mass); they are used with uncountable nouns.

  • Elle mange (no S) du porc (uncountable, masculine)
  • Elle boit de la bière (uncountable, feminine)
  • Elle prend de l'eau (uncountable, feminine, starting with a vowel sound).

[deactivated user]

    Seriously I wrote "We are gals" and I got wrong :P


    I made a mistake, I did not read the sentence properly but I have to say that 'we are some girls' is not good English even though it is a direct translation. Just saying!


    in English one would not say 'We are 'some' girls'. One would say 'we are girls' or we are the girls'.


    We are the girls.... no need to translate "some" into English, because no English person (or translator) would say "we are some girls". very French, but not correct English at all.


    How do you tell if its saying one or more than one girl?


    "Des" is the plural of "une".

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