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"Vi spiser sterk mat og drikker sterk kaffe."

Translation:We are eating spicy food and drinking strong coffee.

June 12, 2016



Sterk means spicy and strong?


Indeed it does.


Just like in my language (Hungarian). We use the same word (erős) for people, food, coffee... even when the sun is shining "strongly". This is not the first time I have noticed similarities like this. I think it is very interesting, because our language is quite unique and has no connection to other languages whatsoever, and definitely has nothing to do with Norwegian. We just think the same way I guess :)


Also in English, hot means hot or spicy. one word for two meanings. It's usually never a problem, but when there is confusion, I always catch myself asking, "Hot - temperature wise, or spicy?


Spiced coffee is most definitely a thing, so that should be accepted as an answer too!


You would have to express that in a different way in Norwegian. "Krydret kaffe", "kaffe med krydder", and "krydderkaffe" all work well enough, but it's not an established concept in Norway.


Two of my favorite things!


So, a typical Sons of Norway meeting, then…


So which word should I use when I want to say indeed "strong food", as: buchada de bode.

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