"Web design is my hobby."

Translation:Вебдизайн - моє хобі.

June 12, 2016

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Is there a reason why "Моє хобі - вебдизайн" is not an acceptable answer aside from not adhering to the English word order? In my understanding Ukrainian has looser word order than English so I was wondering why my answer was no accepted.


I'm also wondering about this... Anyone have an answer?


There is no logical reason....


That's a good point. If a word is not an Ukrainian word but a word from a language without noun gender, then how would a masculine or feminine gender get assigned to it? Gender-neuter makes sense, since "hobby" is an "it" in English.


Why is хобі a neuter noun? Is it because of that "i"? Are there any other words that end in "i" that are neuter?


Typical neuter endings for Ukrainian words are "-о, -е, -а." "Хобі" is a loanword, so it does not fit in the standard scheme. I guess, it became neuter, because it is an abstract object without any relation to any gender.


Because it's a borrowed calque from English.

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