APP for Android

Hi everyone! I have couple of questions.. I just started using Duolingo app for android and I noticed two differences that I feel slows down my learning:

1) where can I find discussion after each sentence, since it's not showing in usual spot next to "report the a problem"?

2) how come one the app Duolingo doesn't "forgive" small typos as it does on the website? Typos do happen more often on the phone and I would lose a heart even for something insignificant (for example "phome" instead of "phone") whereas on the website it just says "you have typos in your answer" but still marks the answer as correct one.

Thank you for your help!

January 28, 2014


Hey! The discussions were taken out but will be added back soon! We do forgive small typos on the app.

Thank you for adding back the discussions!

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