"I am a human."

Translation:Jestem człowiekiem.

June 12, 2016

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Człowiek and człowiekiem feels absolutely impossible to pronounce. It hurts my brain and my mouth...


Please, let us know how you got over it. You have 12000 exp in Polish! Any advice?


tschwovyek, roughly. Sure, at first it's difficult ;)


I hope someone can help me understand..

I don't understand why sometimes there is a "Ja" before "jestem" and sometimes there isn't


"Ja" before "jestem" it's unnecessary. Sometimes there is a "ja" just to emphasize that it is in the singular first person, but "jestem" already reveal to us that because of the verb conjugation. "Ja jestem z Brazylii" is fine, but "Jestem z Brazylii" already do the job. Natives won't speak "ja", "ty", "wy" and "my" frequently.


I struggle with this


https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34960446 - this can be helpful.

Too many sentences in this course use the subject pronoun without a real need for it. We are currently working on changing that.


Please, remind me, why Ja to człowiek is wrong?


I believe it's not wrong from the grammatical standpoint but it sounds really unnatural. This to + nominative construction is usually used with the third person (singular as well as plural). It can also sound unnatural in shorter sentences e.g.: "On jest inżynierem (much better) / On to inżynier".
But you can say things like: "Pies to niebezpieczne zwierzę" or "Ta książka to arcydzieło". Note that jest + instrumental construction also works here just fine.


just to know : how long did it take for you to learn so many langages ?


In fact I've only learned French and German (outside Duolingo with other resources) for about 1.5 years and I'm still learning them. I'm also planning to start learning Russian. I love learning languages so I finish these trees, too. I've been on Duolingo for less than 2 years. After finishing the tree I can usually honestly say I know this language at the basic level. My goal is just to get a grasp of this language and to get familiar with it. If I particularly like some language I've done I can always learn it in future, already having a strong base for it. But I hope (like all of us) I'll learn most of them fluently someday :) Powodzenia z polskim!


So you technically have good memory. The exact opposite of me (and think that I am learning French and Polish already)


Why is "ja jestem cztowieckiem" not correct?


I guess it was just too many typos (well, 2) for the system.

Firstly, this second C isn't there, and secondly, the letter ł (Ł) isn't a variant of T. It's a variant of L. So if you don't have Polish letters (but it's really recommended if you use them), at least use L (czlowiek). So the full word here is "człowiekiem".


Ja to cłowiek is right too?


I mean człowiek


Why not "Ja to człowiek"?


Using the "to" construction after a personal pronoun sounds very clumsy and we don't want to accept it.


Is Jestem człowiek can be accepted?


No, it's ungrammatical. The verb "jestem" and other forms of "być" (to be) need the noun that follows to take the Instrumental case.

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