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  5. "Mr Lingo dych chi?"

"Mr Lingo dych chi?"

Translation:Are you Mr Lingo?

June 12, 2016



I'm confused. I thought it was ydych chi, but this site teaches us dych chi? Are both correct?


I Believe "Dych Chi" Is A Shortened Form, Just As "Dw I" Is Shortened From "Ydw I".


Spelled it mister rather than mr and got it wrong, frustrating


In "Dych chi", is pronouncing "dA chi" instead of "Dee chi" correct as well?


If I'm not mistaken, there is a dialect equivalent to Dych chi: Dach chi. And Dach chi would be pronounced about like you have shown above. Cymru experts, can you weigh in on this?


Accents in Wales can vary quite a lot from area to area.

/dach chi/ is just how dych chi is pronounced, and informally written, in parts of north and north-west Wales. You are likely to hear it as /dech chi/ in much of mid-Wales and /ych chi/ or /┼Ěch chi/ in parts of south Wales.


Anyone know how to pronounce 'ch'? I really have a hard time to pronounce it. It always sounds like 'kh' not 'khrr'. Hahaha


Watch the 'WelshPlus' series of pronunciation videos that we recommend - look on the web for 'welsh plus pronunciation youtube'.

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