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"How many languages does your generation speak?"

Translation:Thế hệ của các bạn nói bao nhiêu thứ tiếng?

June 12, 2016



Grammar notes in this sentence: 1. 'how many' can be translated as 'mấy' or 'bao nhiêu'. 'mấy' is used when the quantity is less than 10. 'bao nhiêu' is used when the quantity is more than 10. e.g.: when you ask how many kids your friend has: Bạn có mấy con?. When you ask how many books your friend has: Bạn có bao nhiêu quyển sách? (assume that she/he is a voracious reader). 2. 'Thứ tiếng' is used correctly here. 'ngôn ngữ' can be used in this sentence as well, 'ngôn ngữ' sounds more nature to me.

Just my two cents.


Would you explain the thứ tiếng? Haven't seen that anywhere.


Hi all, for your question about "tiếng" and "thứ tiếng".

Please notice that in Vietnamese, either a statement or a question, if you miss the classifier "thứ" in "thứ tiếng", the meaning would be changed.


Bạn/Các bạn nói bao nhiêu thứ tiếng?

(How many languages do you speak?)

Bạn/Các bạn nói bao nhiêu tiếng?

(How many hours do you speak?) - It means that how long do you speak.

What is "thứ"?

It's a classifier, and it depends on the content, the meaning would be changed.

To indicate the "Day" in a week, or to indicate ordinal numbers:


Thứ hai (Monday) or (second)

Thứ ba (Tuesday) or (third),...

To indicate a thing that you don't know what it is.

"What is it?" (Nó là thứ gì vậy?)

To indicate a thing with bad quality/a person in the low class in society.

It also means a collect of things what have the same characteristics. Here, they are all languages, so you would use "thứ tiếng".

According to the reports, almost all of you missed "thứ" in the sentence, so your answers were marked wrong.

Notes: You all could use "các bạn" or "bạn" in this sentence since it was edited 3 years ago.


Wouldn't it have been really nice if there was a program that teaches grammar as a routine part of teaching the language instead of students having to hunt for answers from other students in a separate forum?


What does thứ tiếng mean? What is the difference between thứ tiếng, tiếng, and ngôn ngữ?


What does the "thứ" mean??


Why is các in this sentence?


It is a plural indicator for "you/your" but usually we don't use "các" to indicate a plural "you". Will fix this sentence.

[deactivated user]

    Still isn't fixed


    Maybe what they fixed is that the answer without các is accepted, even if with it it's the default translation


    actually, I don't think it's been fixed yet - my sentence "Thế hệ của bạn nói bao nhiêu tiếng" wasn't accepted


    It would be: "Thế hệ của bạn nói bao nhiêu thứ tiếng?"

    Because "tiếng" without the classifier "thứ" in a sentence would be "hour" :)

    Bạn nói bao nhiêu tiếng? = Bạn nói bao nhiêu tiếng đồng hồ? = How many hours do you speak? (= How long do you speak?)


    No, not fixed.


    Still a year later...


    If your translation is correct but not accepted, please choose "Report" to let us know. Thanks.


    Please check this. Both "bạn" and "các bạn" are accepted. Here are all acceptable translations for this sentence:


    Still isn't fixed.


    Excuse me, may I know what are you talking about? What do we need to do to improve this exercise?


    It needs the accept bạn and các bạn. At the moment it only accepts bạn, but nithing in the sentence indicates it MUST be plural.

    Hope this is helpful.


    Please check this. Here are all acceptable translations for this sentence:


    I think it's plural because the generation belongs to a lot of people, not just one.

    Keep in mind that not having a plural for "you" is an oddity of English language.


    The question could be addressed to a single bạn or multiple bạn. The writer simply chose the latter.

    "You" is the English second person plural. It has replaced the singular "thou" in general use.


    The generation may belong to a lot of people, but if the speaker is addressing one person, and we have no reason to believe he/she is not, then we wouldnt use that.

    This sentence is wrong.


    Got this wrong again. Why? Because i forgot that I must use "thể hệ của các bạn". Although the English "you" can be singular or plural and the translation "thế hệ của bạn" is absolutely accurate, this translation is marked wrong. As learners, our first job is to memorize arbitrary translations to complete lessons. Learning Vietnamese is secondary.


    is thứ tiếng used correctly here?


    I feel like ban should also be correct. The plural you is not specified in the english sentence.


    In translating from the given English to Vietnamese, there is nothing to require "các" because "your" in English can be understood as singular.


    Still no comment re thu


    There is one now above

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