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  5. "Fi sy'n hoffi pysgota."

"Fi sy'n hoffi pysgota."

Translation:It's me who likes fishing.

June 12, 2016



Given that 'It's me who...' IS strictly speaking ungrammatical, and 'It's I who...' is unheard-of, and the usual get-around-it version is 'I'm the one who...', I do think you should accept that at least when 'fi' is in play.


I too have mentioned this, although I'm not sure where my previous comment about it has gone, as I would naturally use, 'It's I who...' or some variant such as your example, 'I'm the one who...'


As a small child I was introduced to the ditty "'It is I,' said the fly" and saying "it's me" it's really painful.


I agree with all the comments about I versus me. Personally I would never use the grammatically incorrect, but deemed by Duo to be correct, me. I only got this right because I remembered this construction in a different question - it still grates.


Is pysgota both angling and fishing?


Yes it is.


It's a bit loose, but I think you should accept: "I am the one who likes fishing."


'I am the one who likes fishing' is a better translation in all respects.


Really it should be "It am I". If it's good enough for Chaucer it's good enough for me.

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