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  5. "He sells glasses of coffee."

"He sells glasses of coffee."

Translation:Anh ấy bán những ly cà phê.

June 13, 2016



Could this not work without the plural? In the same way that Anh ấy bán (con) chó - he sells dogs would work?


I was wondering the same thing...


(2 years later!): Absolutely, yes.

Btw here is the direct object glass(es) = (những) ly, and not coffee, the latter beeing descriptive of what is inside the glasses (of coffee). In such case my old guess that coffee is uncountable doesn't matter.

In my opinion, he sells glasses of coffee can be expressed with những or without (my preference), knowing that if our man would sell a glass of coffee only, the vietnamese sentence had been anh ấy bán một lý cà phê for sure.


Glasses of coffee? I hope he sells burn cream to go with it


Ah ah ah you're funny xD There are many countries where coffee is usually served in small glasses though ;-)

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