"Jestem w galerii."

Translation:I am in the gallery.

June 13, 2016

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I got marked wrong for saying "I'm at the gallery", and feel like I've gotten marked wrong on in/at before. Is there another Polish word for "at"?


"Przy", that's one option for sure. But that doesn't matter, as that would be used when 'at' is more like 'near' (at the table). I understand that you're an AmE native, right? So this means 'at' should be of course accepted and I'm going to report it.


Yeah, that seems like a different meaning, to be standing at a table seems to imply some involvement with the table, where saying "near" or "by" the table, that's just a thing you happen to be close to. I am American - does the question imply that "in" would be the more normal way to say this in British? Honestly you probably have a much keener sense of the differences than I do.


True, that would be the difference with the table. Anyway, Polish uses 'w' in this context, which is not a surprise, so 'in' seems like a natural choice. But of course 'at' is used with some places, at least in some varieties of English, so I understand this is one of this situation and 'at the gallery' is more natural for you. I don't really know enough about British-American differences, as a non-native, I tend to mix words and constructions from both of these.


That's technically correct. At and in both have the same word. I think this needs to be reported.

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